Mediation Quick-Quiz

Choose the answer that most closely represents you.

I am a good problem solver and enjoy talking to people.

I am seeking a profession in which I will be respected and my opinion will be valued.

Raising and refereeing several kids and their friends ranging in ages 4-18 years, I’ve already been mediating a long time. I might as well make some money at it.

I’ve heard that mediation is a growing profession and that I could make good money without a lot of training.

People always come to see me for advice. Mediation comes naturally to me.

Helping people to be reasonable with one another would be fun and rewarding. I get tired of people complaining about how tough their life is and blaming others for their problems, so it would be nice to be able to tell them what to do about it.

I’ve heard that you have to be an attorney or former judge to be a mediator.

I am an open, accepting person and have no biases or judgment about any race, religion or individual.

I work best in a group environment with co-workers I can go to lunch with and talk to throughout the day at regular breaks.

Having just lost my job, I received a retraining allotment with my severance package. Since mediation doesn’t require a lot of training, I figure I could be in a new profession making some decent money in a couple of months.

I often know what people should do in any given situation, even if they don’t know what to do themselves.

I’ve always been interested in people and their personal stories. There isn’t much that can shock me.

I’m a retired attorney/judge and know all aspects of the law. Mediation is a perfect next step for me.

As a mediator, I would be able to positively influence others’ lives by telling them the right thing to do.

I have always been proactive and self-disciplined in life and in business.

I am patient and a good listener.

I make decisions easily and quickly, which will serve me well as a mediator.

I’m a retired professional and a seasoned negotiator. Mediation is a perfect fit as a second career for me.

Facts are at the core of any dispute. People need to push their emotions aside and focus strictly on the facts; then the solution is simple. I excel in finding and focusing on just the facts.

Mediation training would be an important and marketable addition to my current professional skill set.

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