New Book Answers: Is it time for you to become a professional mediator?

By adding this valuable skill to your service offering, you will be able to help your clients resolve conflict while getting paid for doing it.

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Are you good with people?

Do you have a desire to help them transform tension into trust?

Their conflict into cooperation?

If so, mediation could be a PERFECT FIT for YOU.

Mediation is an essential tool for every professional's repertoire.

  • Valuable in-demand service

  • Flexible hours

  • Most popular method of dispute resolution

  • Alternative option to costly litigation

  • Freedom to earn a full-time or side income

  • Fulfillment helping people work through conflict

If you think mediation sounds like it might be a good fit for you, you’ll love “Becoming a Professional Mediator.”

In this beginner’s e-book, veteran mediator Trish Elledge peels back the curtain and reveals what it truly takes to become a successful mediator in today’s world.

With 28+  years working in the professional mediation industry and over 10,000 cases under her belt, Trish has pretty much seen it all.

In this e-book, she lays out the basics of what it takes to become a professional mediator, and what key steps you will need to take.

In this Ebook You Will Discover...

  • Qualifications

    What qualifications you will need to become a professional mediator

  • Time Investment

    How long it takes to become a good mediator

  • If you fit

    If you have the patience and personality to be an effective mediator

  • Success

    How long it takes to build a successful mediation practice

  • Resources

    Resources for formal mediation training

  • Markets

    Where mediation is being used

Begin your journey now!

Find out if professional mediation is right for you.

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Common Myths De-Bunked

Mediation is NOT just for people who are getting divorced.

By knowing how to effectively mediate, you will be in a position to offer your services to individuals, families, corporations, courts, hospitals, assisted living centers, workplaces, churches, and neighborhoods to help them resolve their disputes.

You don’t need to be an attorney to be a professional mediator.

While some people choose mediation as their primary career, many others add mediation to their existing professional offerings. A few examples of professionals who might choose to offer mediation are coaches, therapists, real estate brokers, trainers, speakers, project managers, production managers, business consultants, human resources administrators, attorneys, retired judges, business executives, and many more.

In Summary…

In this e-book, Trish has distilled the best parts of her time-tested, content-rich, live classroom presentations.

This no-hype e-book is full of direct, honest information, as well as additional resources and thought-provoking exercises.

All of this is designed specifically to help you decide if now is the time for YOU to step into your gifts, knowledge, and power to become a professional mediator.

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