Important Disclaimer

1. is Not a School. We are a global professional training organization which provides a variety of training programs in both live and online/distant learning formats in the areas of mediation, communication, negotiation, conflict resolution skills, systems design, and the business of mediation. While successful completion of many of our programs will serve as fulfillment of the basic requirements for many court and other organized professional mediation programs and associations world-wide, we are not an accredited school, college or university and cannot offer you any sort of diploma, degree, or certification which is guaranteed to be universally recognized, or which will result in college transferable credit hours. However, upon successful completion of each training, students will receive a Certificate of Completion which reflects the number of clock hours accrued for each training. Each online training program is also offered as an on-site live training at our locations or yours. For successful completion of a training program, each student must demonstrate acceptable skills practice in addition to passing the written quizzes at the end of each training module.


2.         Certificate of Completion. Each individual who enrolls in and  successfully completes an entire training course as designed and set forth by within the defined terms and timelines shall receive a Certificate of Completion for the successful completion for the course, with the total amount of clock hours shown on the certificate. In addition, each graduate will receive a free one-year membership to International Alliance of Certified Professional Mediators with access to the Inner Circle confidential case debrief discussion forum. Please note that most of the training programs require student discussion, participation and evaluated skills demonstration. In most distant learning courses, participation is done via interactive teleconference; and demonstration skills are either live via Skype or through recorded video submissions followed by debrief discussions between students and trainer. Certificates of Completion for MTN courses are often highly valued within organizations for professional development and may be licensed for use as agency/corporate group on-site trainings. MTN programs also serve to fulfill training requirements for mandatory continuing education credits within a variety of professions.


3.         Continuing Education Units (CEU).  Many licensing boards throughout the world require that their licensed professionals complete a designated number of approved continuing education units over a specified period of time. Many of courses have been approved by various licensing boards for law, mental health, and education CEUs. It is the responsibility of the student to personally apply for formal CEU approval from his/her professional licensing agency. To request an agenda and overview of a specific class to submit for approval, please click here: makes no guarantee that a course will in fact qualify for your CEU credit.



4.         Copyright Protection.  All training materials shall remain the sole intellectual property of MTN and cannot be reproduced in any form without express written permission and/or purchased licensing rights. Any individual or organization found to have violated this provision shall be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


5.         Competency or Employment Status.  As in any field of learning, continued practice and learning will increase an individual’s chances of improving his/her present professional/personal state of being. Improvement and competency will vary with each individual. We cannot guarantee individual student competency, employment opportunities, or degree of financial success in private mediation practice.


6.         Technical Compatibility.  The student is fully responsible for providing all costs and equipment for appropriate and compatible computer and internet connection, teleconference calls, Skype calls, and video recorded assignments as required by the specific course.


7.         Enrollment Qualification/Authentic Student Identification.  Please note that minimum age requirements may be imposed depending on course. A student is not allowed to enroll into a training program anonymously or as a guest. Authentic identification of all enrollees shall be required. Pre-enrollment phone interviews with potential students may be conducted. Students participating in teleconference calls and video skills demonstration will introduce themselves to the class and use their own names in discussions. During role play demonstrations, however, party names can be changed as desired by the role player. By enrolling in a MTN training program,  you agree to participate as an authentically identified course participant member and agree to abide by the requirements above.


5.         Registration/Refunds.  A) For online/distant learning programs, once enrollment has been processed and your payment has been cleared, refunds for the full amount less the administrative fee listed for the specific course, shall be granted up to seven days after enrollment. No refunds shall be issued once the first set of course materials has been sent, which will be no later than eight days after approved enrollment and cleared payment. B) For live MTN training programs, refunds for the full amount less the specified administrative fee for that class shall be issued up to 12 days before the first day of the live training. This is because minimum class size requirements determine whether or not a live training program will proceed.  C) In the event any online/distant learning or live training program is cancelled by MTN, a full refund shall be issued within 15 days of the date of cancellation notice.